Subconscious BSC
Hard Drivin’/Enchantress

Drum & Bass fans are in for a treat as Subconscious returns with two electrifying tracks, Hard Drivin’ and Enchantress

Hard Drivin’ has already garnered massive attention and anticipation after its debut on the renowned Roti & Poutine Podcast, hosted by Armanni Reign, T.R.A.C., and Valiant MC. This track is nothing short of a juggernaut, featuring a relentless bassline that promises to wreak havoc on any sound system. 

Accompanying Hard Drivin’ is a track that seamlessly blends raw power with eerie beauty. Enchantress features a haunting vocal that weaves through the mix, adding an ethereal layer to the track’s formidable bassline. The juxtaposition of the ghostly vocals and the aggressive, stomping beats creates a mesmerizing contrast that is both captivating and powerful.

In stores and streaming platforms on June 14, 2024.